The town of Salon-de-Provence is closely linked to Nostradamus. It was at the request of the town hall and the Salon-de-Provence tourist office that this collector soap was created. At the Marius Fabre soap factory we found this idea attractive and in line with our desire to always want to safeguard a rich and strong historical heritage. This is what prompted us to create this collector soap.

Since 1900 and four family generations, in Salon-de-Provence, we have perpetuated the traditional manufacture of Marseille soap , cooked in a cauldron.

Based on vegetable oils, no coloring, no perfume and no synthetic product, our Marseille soap cube with olive oil is particularly gentle on the skin and contributes to respect for the environment .

Economic , it lasts even longer after drying.

Net packaging weight: 200g

Collector "Nostradamus" - Marseille soap in olive oil 200g

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